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Suite of Assessing Achievement CPD Courses - A New Chance For New Skills

Are you somebody who is thinking of transitioning into a new career once the global pandemic has passed? There are many different things that you can do, and with an adaptable and transferable skill set, it’s possible to find yourself in many different fields.

However, we offer a counter proposal for you. What if you could learn to critically judge, assess and give feedback on an individual‘s performance, the state of a particular business, or generally make educated and substantial comments about the structure of something? If that interests you, then we have the CPD courses for you.

Learning to Help Learners

We are all learners in our own way. We’re all learning something brand-new every day, but it’s not certified. In addition, there are a few people among us who have what it takes to be a teacher. These are people who have what it takes to give assessment to other people, to sit in a position of passing on knowledge and wisdom and then use that to help better the career of somebody else. It’s a very selfless and almost altruistic profession, and one which some people take very seriously.

The Suite of Assessing Achievement helps to put you in a position to do that. AISR raised the bar and our suite of CPD courses are of a higher skills content and higher standards than other CPD certified courses. We actively encourage you to learn how to provide assessments for learners in both a school environment and in the workplace. This opens up a whole range of different opportunities for you, as you will learn to be able to offer critical feedback on something which has been completed by somebody else. Our suite of CPD Assessing Achievement courses are an excellent foundation for an accredited level 3 certificate in assessing vocational achievement.

Assessing Achievement

Throughout the courses, you will learn how to provide assessments for achievement. The suite contains 3 individual courses, which you can complete on an individual basis. However, it is highly recommended to complete all 3 courses to maximise the knowledge and skills gained as regards to assessment at work, or at school. Each course attracts 20 CPD points, thus completing all 3 would contribute 60 CPD points to your yearly professional CPD requirements.

Regardless of whether this is in an educational setting, or a workplace, the skills that you learn on this course will be transferable to both areas. You will be taught how to deliver feedback, how to equip people with the knowledge required to improve for themselves, and how to assess an individual’s competence in a given field.

This is, without question, one of the most rewarding careers that you can find yourself in. Being able to pass on knowledge to somebody else, and to help someone reach their goal is a very rewarding idea. In terms of job satisfaction, a career in this field would be quite good. The courses that we offer aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to start delivering assessment feedback to people. We understand how important it can be for you to be able to connect with learners and influence their decisions. Everything that we do in that respect, is to provide you with the best possible options. Please take a look at the courses on offer, and see if they are something that you would like to look into properly.

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