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Are you concerned about further disruption from a second wave of COVID-19?

There is still uncertainty around what schooling is going to look like from now on. More students are considering online education and applying for online degrees. Furthermore, more parents are signing up their child for online tutoring to secure a reliable educational service, which is especially important during those years of preparation for high stakes exams, such as Transfer tests (AQE &GL), GCSE and A levels.

At the Academy, we offer

• online tuition in STEM subjects at both GCSE and A levels; and also mathematics Transfer test tuition.

online CPD courses which are perfect to advance your knowledge or learn entirely new skills

online Degrees starting in September 2021

Is online learning right for you?

The online delivery of teaching offered during lockdown was a rapid response to the circumstances of the pandemic by many organisations, rather than a planned process of online delivery. It brought challenges to many of us including schools, teachers, students and parents. Some of us were disappointed in the content received, while some users had a very positive experience.

However, planned online lessons offer you a completely different experience compared to the emergency online provision. Our online lessons are designed to offer you high quality content with tangible benefits including:

  1. Flexibility: For many learners, the primary benefit of online learning involves scheduling flexibility to work around other commitments. You can get announcements, notes, review assignments, take practice quizzes, discuss questions, chat with fellow students and study any time you want.

  2. Improve Your Technical Skills: Learning online can help students further develop key technical skills such as the ability to use new software suites, perform in-depth research online, and communicate effectively online in various formats such as discussion boards and teleconferencing.

  3. More individual attention: You can contact your instructor via e-mail and get your questions answered directly. Many students are not comfortable asking questions in class and the internet can eliminate this fear. Study materials available online provide students with a chance to reflect on topics and give deeper thought to responses, therefore their opportunity to learn is enhanced.

  4. Promote lifelong learning: Individuals are more motivated to learn when studying is self-directed, self-managed and independent. It is learning by exploring and discovery that makes us the most successful and it also motivates us. Online learning will help you develop the skills to find information, understand it and be able to formulate answers to any question that comes your way.

  5. Visibility for parents and students: Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) generates reports on learner's progress, training time, tests, assignments. These reports are available on the learner's profile page, which helps parents and students to track learning in real time.

  6. The promotion of self-discipline: The online student takes responsibility for their course of studies and matures into an individual for whom learning and accomplishment are highly valued. This self-discipline is invaluable in future studies perhaps at a university, at your work place and in any other part of your personal life.

  7. Geographic Flexibility: Studying from the comfort of your own home brings other benefits such as financial benefits and being able to spend more time with your friends and family, which can lead to greater emotional well-being and less stress.

Is online learning all about reading study materials?

Luckily it isn't. When it comes to online Transfer Test, GCSE and A Level tuition, lessons are conducted via Zoom and Microsoft OneNote. Both software are free to download and can be accessed on your computer/iPad/tablet device. Students will also receive homework after each lesson. The tuition is available in groups of maximum 8 students, which is more motivating for all participants than individual tuition. However, if you wish to opt for one-to-one tuition, it is also available.

Regarding our online CPD courses, the lessons are available on our VLE, they have no live-time meetings so you do not have to be online at any specific time to take the course. You can access the course whenever it is convenient for you, from anywhere in the world. You can email your instructor anytime in case you have any questions and arrange a live meeting or tutorial to discuss a specific topic.

Regarding our online Degrees, we use interactive teaching methodology, which is a combination of problem based learning, active learning and flipped classroom.

What does it mean?

Problem based learning (PBL) promotes critical thinking and problem-solving in authentic learning situations. The PBL approach enables students to learn while engaging actively with meaningful, real life problems, which need resolution. Therefore, students are given the opportunities to problem-solve in a collaborative setting and form self-directed learning habits through practice and reflection.

Active learning allows students to apply concepts in the virtual class where they can ask peers and/or instructors for feedback and clarification on a certain topic.

Flipped classroom approach utilises PBL and Active learning, in which the direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. Meaning that the lesson is delivered to the student before the class takes place in an engaging video format. Students then work through interactive self-study materials to develop an understanding of the subject content. When students attend the virtual class, they are prepared and ready to go more in-depth.

Students will be performing group tasks, presentations and peer instruction; and participate in discussions and debates.

This interactive teaching method is extremely motivating and engaging. It

  • develops students' confidence, problem solving and critical thinking skills,

  • promotes student retention and learning of the material

  • foster active engagement and accountability

  • allow all students to participate

Additionally, our VLE allows us to gamify the e-learning experience in order to keep our students engaged and motivated throughout their course. With the use of a combination of points, badges and levels, the students' competitive spirit is boosted, their sense of achievement is increased, while keeping learners confident that they are moving forward by improving their skill set.

Career guidance sessions are also available to explore different jobs and pathways including CV writing and mock interviews.

Take your online education to the next level with our CPD and Degree courses. Apply now to achieve your dream job!

Are you a parent who's child will be taking Transfer Test, GCSE or A level exams this year? Contact us now to book your spot!

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