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Dr Terry McIvor

BSc (Hons) DIS Biochemistry, DIS, PGCert Educational Technology, PGCert Further and Higher Education, PG Dip in Further and Higher Education, MCA, PhD

CEO/Principal/Director of Curriculum and Quality Enhancement                                                   

Dr. McIvor is a Professor of Bio Physical Chemistry at Afriford University and a Professor of Chemical Education at Universidad San Juan De La Cruz (SJDLC). Dr. McIvor is teaching students at SDJLC how to problem solve and think for themselves so that they are more employable worldwide.

Dr. McIvor is an academic professional who fosters innovative science and maths programs through national and international organizations. Terry earned a BSc (with honours) in Applied Biochemical Sciences with a Diploma in Industrial Studies from the University of Ulster in 1996. From there he pursued higher degrees in teaching and postsecondary education, culminating in PhDs in Chemistry and Chemical Education (Physical).


Terry worked as a Curriculum Manager of Science & Mathematics at the local College in Derry and he currently lectures in Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Sciences, Nanochemistry, Mathematics and ICT.


  • An extensive experience in curriculum development to degree level.

  • Written a number of science programmes in partnership with Ulster University and the Open College Network. 

  • Participated in Erasmus and Erasmus+ programmes researching and developing vocational skills curriculum in Germany and India.

  • 20 years’ experience which involved supervising numerous projects both locally and internationally. 

  • Published a paper in mathematical education with Queens University and the University of Maynooth.

  • Published papers in the areas of chemistry and Information Technology.

  • Organised an international conference with Ulster University

  • Co-ordinated the Salters Festival of Chemistry which was held at the local Collage in 2015, the first college in the UK to ever host the festival

  • Organised the International Conference Woman in STEM Conference, which was held at the local College in 2016.

  • Developed and led a team who were involved in launching a Maths Centre at the local College, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland.


Dr. McIvor is also:

  • An International Workshop facilitator and he represents Ireland in the Albert Schweitzer Society and is a visiting professor and scholar to schools in Costa Rica and India.

  • A Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists (AIC)

  • Author of a book targeted toward both teachers and students entitled “The Development of Learning Strategies in Chemical Education."

  • A professional member of the British Computer Society.

  • Part of the review panel of AIC for conferring chartered chemist status to successful candidates through the credentialing system administered by the National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (NCCCCE).

  • A member of the Biochemical Society, part of the panel for science education and an adviser for science education policy within the Biochemical Society.

  • A Vice President of Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership.

  • A leader in the development of teaching and learning strategies and also an active member of the Chambers of Commerce

  • A local entrepreneur who has set up successful educational training companies which focuses on vocational and skills training.

Terry was instrumental in pioneering the local College’s strategy to establish a “Science Applied Research Centre” as part of the Department for Employment and Learning’s FE Strategy for centres of specialism, this project  assisted  in building of an applied research portfolio in this area.  

Stanley Page


Head of Engineering

Stanley started work with Du Pont (UK) as a Control Technician, this was one of the first multi-discipline positions in the UK at the time. Responsibilities included:

  • all Instrument and process control

  • all electrical installations including switchgear up to 33Kv.

Whilst at Du Pont, he studied for ONC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

He then moved to Northern Ireland Electric Service before moving to Occidental Oil in Libya, working on an LNG Gas Plant and Oil Producing facilities looking after all control systems associated with a large petrochemical complex including Sulzer, Ruston, Pratt & Whitney, & Solar gas turbines. Whilst at Occidental Stanley studied for an HNC in Electrical & Electronic engineering.

After several years with Occidental, he moved to ESI, a subsidiary of Solar Turbines which is part of Caterpillar Inc. Whilst at ESi as a Field Engineer, Stanley worked on numerous projects commissioning, installing, and troubleshooting various Turbomachinery packages worldwide. He was also assigned as part of the management team where Solar & Esi set up a joint venture in Venezuela which built, owned and operated an offshore Gas Compression platform for a major Venezuelan oil producer. Later he was assigned as Project Manager on major project in Egypt where ESi operated and maintained a Gas Compression facility for a major oil company.

Then Stanley took up a post as Electronics Engineer on a new project with Hunt Oil in Yemen. His duties there involved:

  • the installation commissioning 

  • ongoing maintenance

  • troubleshooting of four Neuvo Pignoni (GE) Frame 5 gas compression units, Solar Power Generation units, and Rolls Royce Gas Compression packages

  • all instrument and Plc controls on a new major LNG plant.

This included setting up the DCS system and building screens for the operation, to assist with this, Stanley spent two weeks at the DCS software OEM facility in Houston Texas.

A couple of years later he returned to Solar and was assigned to Asia for 9 years, where Stanley was re-located to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his family, as Senior Field Service Engineer looking after an area from India to China including Myanmar Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

After nine years with Solar in Asia, Stanley took up a position as Maintenance Supervisor and Relief OIM on an offshore facility with Petronas in Myanmar. The facility was extended three times during his 12 years there, doubling the size of the first platform, and installing two more platforms which included six gas compression packages and five gen sets, as well as balance of plant required to safely run a complex offshore operation.

During his time with ESi, Solar Turbines, Hunt Oil, and Petronas, he conducted numerous training courses on all aspects of

  • Turbomachinery,

  • Operation & Maintenance,

  • Control Systems,

  • Plc controls,

  • Relay controls

  • Power generation systems,

  • Gas Compressor control Systems, including Surge Control.


Clients included Shell (Brunei, Malaysia, & Phillipines), Petronas (Malaysia & Myanmar), EPMI- Esso (Malaysia), Daewoo, Thai Gypsum, Solar Turbines,(various worldwide locations) Gupco (Egypt), Maraven ( Venezeula) ONGC (India) Conoco (Thailand) Agip (Nigeria)

Dan Corbett


Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Dan Corbett graduated from Queen's University with a First Class Honours degree in Pharmacy in 2010, subsequently completing his pre-registration training at McMullan's Pharmacy in Belfast. After registering as a Pharmacist in 2011, Dr Corbett returned to the School of Pharmacy to complete a PhD in Biomaterials Chemistry, under the supervision of Professor Colin McCoy, within the Pharmaceutical Science and Practice cluster. Since completing his doctorate, Dr Corbett took responsibility for student recruitment at the School from 2014-2015, whilst also carrying out a number of teaching responsibilities. Dr Corbett is Lecturer (Education) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with a majorty of his teaching taking place at the China Medical University-Queen's University Belfast Joint College (known as CQC), located in Shenyang, People's Republic of China. Dr Corbett's current research interests lie in the development of polymer-based medical products which exhibit properties such as infection resistance, enhanced biocompatibility, and drug delivery. In addition to these roles, Dr Corbett authors articles for a number of publications, and works for the Northern Ireland professional pharmacy regulator.



Computer Science

I am Deepika Nikam. Computer engineer and academician by profession. I have a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Pune, India, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. I have three years of experience as a lecture in the Computer Engineering department of D.Y. Patil School of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra,India. It has given me the experience of delivering lectures and working on a project related to the use of retrieval magnets of facial duplication by search-based face annotation which was completed during my graduation and post-graduation. 

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