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laboratory work
Terry at the laboratory
Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Medical Research

AISR is passionate about innovating medical devices for anaesthesia practitioners for numerous benefits including improved patient care and safer devices. AISR has researched that safety innovations are one of the most wanted innovations that anaesthesia practitioners desire. We aim to innovate wireless patient monitoring technologies to increase safety for personnel by reducing trip hazards and to simplify the display screen of patient monitoring systems.

AISR aims to innovate continuous non-invasive monitoring devices in order for better blood pressure monitoring and will aim to focus on wireless, non-invasive probes that could be reliably linked via Wi-fi or Bluetooth to the display device and portable display devices with touchscreen.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Artificial intelligence (AI) simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators. AI has been used in healthcare to predict and diagnose disease at a faster rate than most medical professionals; to develop deep learning medical tools to streamline radiology diagnoses; or to provide radiologists with an AI-enabled assistant that receives imaging scans and automatically analyses them for various clinical findings it has studied.


Deep learning platforms can analyse unstructured medical data (radiology images, blood tests, EKGs, genomics, patient medical history) to give doctors better insight into a patient’s real-time needs. We believe that in the next few years, there will be a convergence of emerging technologies with AI being at the heart of all of them. 5G with AI will take us into a new era of Robotics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality with Machine to Machine communication.

At AISR, we believe that the healthcare sector will be the most affected by AI along with the other emerging technologies that 5G will enable (AR, VR, IoT with device to device communication) over the next decade. We all rely on the healthcare sector at one point of our lives, when there is a need for a remedy. Therefore, we are passionate about developing AI solutions for the healthcare sector. 

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