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AISR exhibited its educational technology solutions at the British Education Training and Technology (BETT London Excel) Show  in January 2018. It has been a great show, buzzing atmosphere and powerful conversations into what the future of the education holds. We  believe in creating a better future by transforming education.


Our VR Lab provides an immersive learning experience, where you are guided through the practicals step by step, giving you best practice tips so you will be fully prepared and confident to walk into a real lab.

We bring our educational posters to life with AR powered videos.  Students will simply point their phone to our poster to learn more about science topics and inventors. Turn your classroom walls into an interactive learning resource using our posters. Posters come with our free AR app, Curious Inventors.

Our mobile game not only stimulates students’ interest in learning but can also promote and increase language development, critical thinking, problem solving and imaginative thinking.  The Biolab X game is a futuristic game, combining chemistry, biology and physics, aimed at GCSE/A level students. This interactive game has features, which develops students’ cognition and has been designed to measure students knowledge and understanding of the content before and after the game. 

We can create bespoke content for all of our ed-tech products. Get in touch to find out more about the various packages. Prices available on request as they depend on your educational/institutional need.

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