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Global Technical Engineering Centre (GTEC) has partnered with the Academy for International Science and Research, so that the Academy can offer chemical engineering and mechanical engineering courses focusing on the oil and gas, power generation and mining industry. GTEC offers Level 3 Technical and Level 4 and 5 Professional Technical courses in partnership with AJSS. Some of these vocational courses are tailored to the customer's specific equipment. The courses are carried out using new innovative techniques to make the course exciting and it is delivered by experienced instructors, who have been, or are Field engineers, therefore have vast hands on experience of the equipment. Tailored On the Job Training (OJT) at the customers site is also available, this can take from 3 months to 2 years depending on the requirements. Our Engineering consultant has extensive experience including:  Du Pont (UK) - Control Technician; Occidental Oil - LNG Gas Plant and Oil Producing facilities looking after all control systems associated with a large petrochemical complex including Sulzer, Ruston, Pratt & Whitney, & Solar gas turbines; ESI - Field Engineer;  Hunt Oil - Electronics Engineer;  Solar - Senior Field Service Engineer; Petronas - Maintenance Supervisor and Relief OIM; Gas turbine, Gas Compressor and Generator control systems including installation and maintenance world wide of Solar Turbine. Clients include Shell, EPMI-Esso, Daewoo, Agip, Conoco, Gupco, Rolls Royce, Hispano Suiza and GE.

Alignment of Machines


Control Systems Logic- for various control systems, Relay Logic, PLC5, RSlogx 5000 etc.

Principles of Power Generation - Theory, Operation, & Maintenance

Principles of Gas Turbine - Theory, Operation, & Maintenance

Principles of Gas Compression - Theory, Operation, & Maintenance

Principles of Surge Control for Gas Compressors - Theory, Operation, & Maintenance

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