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Training Location


All our Teacher Training programmes (Erasmus KA1) are delivered in Letterkenny, Ireland, however, due to COVID-19, we can also deliver these programmes online. 


Erasmus+ Funds

All school teachers, trainers, headmasters and non-teaching staff of educational organisations are eligible to receive Erasmus+ grant to cover all costs relating to this Teacher Training under Key Action 1 (school education staff; VET staff; higher education staff; and adult education staff). To receive the Erasmus plus KA1 funding, the sending institution needs to submit the KA1 application. Please remember that there is only one deadline per year, so be sure not to miss it! For further information regarding KA1 application, please refer to the Erasmus guide.

Training Content

Our training is completely bespoke, therefore the schedule can be tailored to your school's/organisation's needs to ensure that this professional training will be the best fit model for your school. We can incorporate cultural visits and extend the training to 5 days to include activities such as a visit Slieve League, Glenveagh National Park or Doagh Famine Village. We can also arrange your accommodation if it is required. Please contact us for further details.

Robotics workshop in Derry

STEM Teaching using Robotics


16/05/22 - 19/05/22

This course provides teachers with the theoretical and practical framework for STEM teaching and involve them in learning activities based on problem-based learning through the use of robotics.



Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

16/05/22 - 19/05/22

In this course, participants will learn how to discover learners' needs, prepare effective lessons, teach vocabulary, and create interactive and engaging activities through the use of pair and group work.


Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Become an Even More Effective Teacher in the Classroom - Intermediate

16/05/22 - 19/05/22

This course will use neuro linguistic psychology to enable you to become even more success and effective within the classroom setting.


In the Classroom

Become an Even More Effective Teacher in the Classroom - Advanced

16/05/22 - 19/05/22

This course builds on the Intermediate course. The advanced programme looks at Neuro Linguistic Psychology and how you can use it within the classroom. As a dedicated teacher you want to improve your students performance, and with these skills, you will do just that.


Online Workshop

Digital Education and Innovative Teaching Methods

21/02/22 - 24/02/22

Participants will discover innovative teaching methods, various education 

technology tools and their practical applications.


Teacher Training

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