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Validation Service

Curriculum and Assessment Network (CAN)


The Curriculum and Assessment Network (CAN) works with AISR and CAN UK has been setup for the validation of courses and training programmes for those institutions who need UK validation to ensure that their academic and training programmes are recognised as being to the required standard and also providing certification services. 

Validation recognises independent, bespoke courses and training programmes developed by companies, institutions and/or centres in order to meet their employees, students and educators' needs and requirements.


Many businesses develop their own specialised training programmes in order to meet their business needs and to provide specialised  industry skills for employee progression.


Formal recognition of the new skills, knowledge and competence learned is a must when it comes to courses and training programmes. Certificates are a valued source of credibility and you can award your students and employees with our Certificates. 


CAN Validation involves a thorough evaluation of the course content, delivery modes, and quality assurance arrangements. The course is then benchmarked against the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications Degree-Awarding Bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ) and also against the European Qualification Framework (EQF) qualification systems. After the evaluation, the course is assigned a benchmarked level (e.g. Level 2) and credit value, if applicable, to provide students and employees with information about the level of difficulty and size of their course of study.

Validation of your courses allows you to demonstrate the quality of your programmes and CAN Validated awards are written and owned by the developing organisation!

CAN validation package offers:

  • certification of learners’ achievement

  • a simple approval process that recognises course and training content and materials 

  • guidance to enhance programme design and delivery

  • guidelines to national occupational standards

  • independent audit and external quality assurance,

  • opportunities to improve recruitment, increase retention and motivate learners

  • if your organisation wishes to become a CAN Validated Awards Centre, we also offer certification for Centre Approval


Please Note that your courses and training programmes will be certified through CAN as non-regulated courses. These courses remain the property of the your institution.

Students Please Note: If you wish to use CAN Validated Awards for progression to other areas of study or the workplace, we advise you to check the acceptability of these awards with the institution or employer prior to study.



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