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Need a new qualification to progress your career? Here are 5 reasons that our Level 4 Diploma in Med

1 Science jobs

STEM graduates tend to be more successful finding a job after graduation. Each year, the Research Council UK invests around £3 billion into research and EU’s Horizon 2020 budget is around £70 billion. These figures, which are invested in research make it easier to understand why science careers are in demand. The range of career paths that you can progress to include forensic scientists, clinical biochemistry, biomedical engineering, molecular biology, neuro biology, bioinformatics and the list goes on.

2 Jobs outside science

Our curriculum builds on the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, which are the most important skills employers want you to demonstrate when applying for a job. Many science graduates move into management positions as these skills are sought after at managerial level in all sectors.

3 Motivated by the thrill of discovery?

Imagine classifying DNA sequences, helping investigating crimes, analysing illnesses, designing artificial organs or devices that replace body parts, studying cell process and codes in humans, animals and plants! Scientific discoveries, achievement and inventions are made all the time, science is amazing.

4 Science is not just for boys

Young women are often steered away from science due to stereotypes such as science careers are perceived as a career for men as women lack the potential to excel in math or science, girls will not fit in with their friends who are not studying science.

There are many famous women scientists who have made major contributions to the sciences for example Jocelyn Bell Burnell is an astrophysicist from Northern Ireland who was credited with “one of the most significant scientific achievements of the 20th Century”.

5 Yes, it can be a lot of fun

Science does not have to be boring. Science is practical and fun. You will discover, explore and expand your imagination. Science experiments are amazing and interesting they are about understanding the world you live in. AISR’s research division develops Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and gaming for science and it is a lot of fun to carry out an experiment in a virtual lab ☺

30% off for the first 10 students who register for our Level 4 Diploma in Medical Science.

It was £2200+VAT including registration fees, now £1540+VAT.

Enrol now here.

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