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Access Radiography

Do you want a chance to progress on to a degree in Radiography?


Here are 5 reasons that our Access to Higher Education Diploma in Radiography may be just for you:

1. Suits your skills set

It’s aimed at adults with a current or previous role in care, such as care assistant, care worker or voluntary worker. Also, adults who, because of social, educational or individual circumstances, were unable to participate in or benefit from initial education, adults from groups under-represented in Higher Education and adults seeking a change of direction because of unemployment or lack of career opportunities in their previous field and who have a demonstrable interest in entering a Radiography-related profession.

2. Discovering the thrill of motivation

training, teamwork, motivate

The Access to HE Diploma is an accredited course - well established and widely accepted by universities. It’s flexible and designed for people returning to learning. You can gain the qualification in just one year, with hands-on access to university labs. You’ll be surprised to find many of your fellow students are in similar circumstances to yourself. And you’ll find it inspiring to become part of a community with a love of lifelong learning.

3. Boosting your confidence

It’s a Level 3 qualification to prepare people without traditional qualifications for university study – those who want to go on to university or other HE courses but don’t have the entry qualifications such as A-levels or B-TECs. Just like a university foundation year, it’s designed to get you up to the right standard so you can go on to a higher-level course.

4. Exploring new opportunities

Most learners progress to Higher Education study in Radiography and Radiotherapy but you can also explore progression opportunities in a wide range of Radiography-related areas, including Radiotherapy, Biology, Physics, Health & Social Care.

5. Yes, it can be affordable fun!

Enjoy our most competitive rates: the cost is £850 + £150 registration fee for 34 weeks – and gain a £100 cash-back on successful completion! Entry requirements are: basic competence in English and Mathematics, be over 19 years old on 1 July in year of entry and have been out of full-time education for one year. And pass the interview, of course! Enrol Now Here

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