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Level 3 Behaviour Management CPD

Level 3 Behaviour Management CPD


You will learn several effective classroom management strategies that focus on both your relationship with the students and the wider school establishment. By the end of this behaviour management CPD course, you will be equipped with the confidence needed to handle the most common classroom problems such as lateness, disruption and confrontations.




Course Delivery

Lessons are delivered online at AISR's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 


What Will I Study? 

  • What is Misbehaviour?

  • Behaviour Management

  • Behaviour Management Strategies

  • Advice for Dealing with Misbehaviours

  • Preventing Confrontations

  • How to React to a Confrontational Student

  • The Need for Rules and Boundaries

  • Expectations

  • Rewards and Rehabilitation

  • Consequences, Sanctions and Praise

  • Using Sanctions and Rewards

  • Intervention

  • How to Talk to a Student Following Misbehaviour

  • Duration

    10 hours

  • Course fee

    Upon successful completion of the free Taster Course, you are eligible for €25 OFF! Once you complete the free Taster Course, we will send you a unique coupon code, worth €25, which you can apply at the checkout. 

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