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Entry Requirements

Course Summary

Nurses play a crucial role in today’s healthcare system. This course is designed to provide you with essential nursing concepts, from anatomy to clinical nursing skills, which are necessary for treating a variety of conditions and disorders. 

The nursing skills taught on the course (e.g. blood pressure, pulse, respiration, oral care, feeding etc.) will be assessed by way of OSCEs (observable structured clinical examinations). This assessment will be conducted at agreed dates throughout both semesters.


This is a refresher course and suitable for those:

• who are currently working in nursing profession and wish to refresh their knowledge

• who have previously been a registered nurse and wish to return to the profession after a long absence but not longer than 5 years. 


The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) recommends that a registered nurse or midwife who is returning to practice after absence of five years or more should undertake a Return to Practice programme prior to practising as a nurse or midwife. If you have been absent for over 5 years, this Nursing Skills course would be excellent to introduce you back into the field of clinical nursing before undertaking the Return to Practice programme recommended by NMBI.

What Will I Study?

Progression Opportunities

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