10 Items or Less: How sluggish mobile apps are killing retailers in a matter of seconds

March 21, 2017

Each week, Retail Dive Editor Jason Ankeny weighs in on the industry headlines and trends capturing his attention. This time around: Speed, sunglasses and Spice Girls. If you want more, check out last week's 10 Items or Less on how FX and Costco are making retail marketing weird and wonderful.


Speed kills. But sluggishness can spell doom, too, especially here in the mobile age, when even instant gratification just isn’t fast enough. Surveys indicate that users expect pages within mobile applications to download within a matter of seconds — anything longer than that, and they may abandon the app or even uninstall it altogether.

Even so, many retail apps remain slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Some retailers make too many requests, others make total file sizes too large and still others simply fail to optimize overall performance, making consumers wait far too long just to download the main page, according to new data released by mobile content delivery network PacketZoom.