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Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

AISR carries out a series of processes to ensure the quality of the programmes offered through:

  • Internal Quality Audits

  • Curriculum Annual Review & Development (CARD)

  • Module Evaluation



AISR offers a high quality student experience, therefore the Academy’s Internal Quality Audit (IQA) system is in with line with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the Quality Assurance’s updates on the IQA Handbook, which‌ takes into account the feedback of faculties, each faculty is expected to undergo IQA once every five years. The IQA system also looks at the areas of good practice, innovation and research. It is centred around how the curriculum has been delivered in the last four academic years.

CARD is based on the outcomes of a programme review report, which identifies issues raised by students, staff and external stakeholders and any actions taken in response. The report also includes good practice, innovation and research and it draws on how the curriculum has been delivered in the academic year in question.


AISR’s Module evaluation is used as an enhancement tool, enabling faculty to engage in reflective practice and to evaluate any changes to the module they have introduced. In addition, students are also invited to provide feedback on their experience on the module, which allows staff to identify excellence and areas for further development.

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