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The Academy opened its Applied Mathematics Hub! We are holding workshops to develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. We are reaching out to to schools in order to run workshops and making mathematics fun through 3D printing, the use of izak9 cubes and interactive projects. We will be partnering with local universities to measure the impact of how AISR's Application of Mathematics Hub programme has on the mathematical skills improvement in our schools.

Give your kids the advantage! Fun activities to develop mathematical thinking skills. Weekly SCIENCE, CODING and MATHS CLUB for ages 7-12. RSVP your kids space below to ensure we have enough availability for everyone to have a hands on experience. Say YES to maths, science and coding and sing up now!

 - Izak9 maths cube workshops address all areas of the maths curriculum at Key Stages 2 and 3 (Upper Primary and start of Secondary). It is so much fun to interact with the cubes, they improve your children's problem solving skills, confidence and communication skills. But it is not only for children, we also hold workshops for parents, therefore you can aid your children's learning at home. 

 - 3D print workshops are an excellent way to make teaching easier and more effective for a variety of grade levels and subjects. Everyone likes to touch

The 6 weeks blocks AQE Transfer Test Tuition offers six 45 minutes tuition per week in the comfort of your own home. All tuition will be conducted online using Zoom and ...
Transfer Test Maths AQE - 6 weeks group
Started Feb 19, 2021

things, to see how things are made, to gain understanding by turning things around in their hands.Various objects could be 3D printed such as geometrical objects, the structure of DNA, cogwheels for engineering projects etc.  

 -  Robotics coding workshops - Instant STEM learning with robotics solutions. The programmable computer makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback using programming and data logging software. These workshops cover the maths and science curriculum at Key Stage 2 and 3. 

 -  Youth Experience Science (YES) - Weekly science club for ages 7-12. Children work through a series of exciting and relevant science-based problems in pairs or small groups. They complete practical, hands-on science activities and think and talk about science.

 - Workshops for Key Stage 4, 5 and undergraduate level to develop an understanding of higher level mathematics and to further develop mathematical thinking. AISR has fun and interactive workshops to cater for this level also. As part of our curriculum support, we incorporate free Curriculum Enrichment in Applied Mathematics to students who are enrolled on to our STEMM courses to enable them to fully develop their critical thinking in relation to STEMM.

We create bespoke projects and activities which suit your learners needs. For further details on the workshops please get in touch via email