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External Examiners

Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) is a UK Regulated, Nationally Recognised Awarding Organisation, which acts as the Academy’s external examiner. External examiners play an important role as one of the key safeguards of academic standards of the educational programmes offered by AISR.  Their independent and unbiased advice contribute to the enhancement and development of our programmes to ensure that the academic standards are maintained in line with national and international standards and our assessment processes measure student achievement fairly and rigorously.

The Academy’s Code of Practice on External Examination is based on Chapter B7 of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, published by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which sets out the principles and processes at the Academy, which govern the use of external examiners. The Code of Practice is used as guidance for staff, students and external examiners.

The Academy’s Learning and Teaching Strategy enables students from an early age to study the curriculum from a real life perspective, which will enable them to create their future pathways into industry, research and academia. Our students join an active international academic community, studying and working alongside experts. Our curriculum enables students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will make them highly employable. Within a stimulating and friendly environment, our students will develop practical and employability skills, these skills are highly valued by employers and are required by the modern industry. At the end of our programs students will be ready to enter employment or progress to a related degree course. . AISR offers education for life, the academic experience which our students receive prepares them to contribute to the wider community.

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