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Level 5 Diploma in Productivity Improvement Practice

Developing your career

This qualification offers the opportunity for learners to demonstrate an achievement of practical skills, understanding and knowledge required to make a major contribution to a productivity improvement project within their organisation, and to be able to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders as the project is planned, delivered and evaluated. The Diploma takes the strategic manager pathway, which requires the manager to consider the wider implications of the productivity improvement practice within strategic planning, give consideration to the management of risks and apply innovation and creativity whilst identifying opportunities for improvement as well as the management and leadership of the team. The qualification is relevant to all business sectors and develops knowledge and skills to support the identification, planning and evaluation of productivity improvement practice.

Progression Opportunities

The achievement of this qualification could support entry on to a Degree Level programme in a Business Management discipline subject to the specific entry requirements of the university.

Key Benefits

  • Start Your 360° Experience - At AISR, everything we do is focused on making sure that you are well-positioned academically, practically, professionally and socially for the future. The focus on problem solving, critical thinking and real-world experiences mean you will be ready for work equipped with skills that employers are looking for.

  • Ethical Approach to Education - You will be supported throughout the entire program, and also after graduation. From the very beginning of your studies, our experts will organise a series of career activities including workshops, group sessions and individual coaching. You will be taught the full guided learning requirements.

  • Trust in Proven Quality - Faculty members and experts are carefully selected, highly experienced lecturers and specialists bringing their international expertise to our quality education:



AISR is accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) and works with various Awarding Bodies both in the UK and internationally to offer high quality qualifications. 



  • Best Biomedical Education Specialist 2018 by the Global Health and Pharma, International Life Sciences Awards 2018

  • Best Private STEM College in UK 2019

  • Best STEM FE College 2020 UK

Level 5 Diploma in Productivity Improvement Practice


£1500 (Tuition) + £80 ( Registration fee)

Note:  Tuition fee is exclusive of VAT

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26 weeks

Learn from Highly Experienced Experts

This program aims to bring together the insights of superior lecturers with international experience providing students with a global perspective. The Academy's superior lecturers bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table

How can AISR help? 


AISR offers flexible payments, quality education and blended learning. Our supportive environment provides careers advice, mock interviews and mathematics support (if maths is part of your studies). You can access resources on the go and and at home, making it easier to study around your other commitments.

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Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification though the ability to work at the level indicated is required. Learners must be in a position to demonstrate the requirements of the qualification and have access to required assessment opportunities and relevant resources. This qualification is available to learners aged 19 years or over. For international students an IELTS score of 5.5 is required.

What will i study?

• Identification and planning of productivity improvement projects

• Productivity Improvement Project definition and approval

• Data Analysis in support of productivity improvement projects

• Idea development for Productivity Improvement projects

• Productivity Improvement Project Reporting

• Implementation Planning for Productivity improvement projects

• Productivity Improvement Project Implementation

• Productivity Improvement Project Evaluation and Review Strategic Planning

• Risk and Issue Management

• Leadership & Management of Productivity Improvement

• Innovation & Creativity

Benefits of our Talent Virtual Learning Environment


Track your progress with charts and infographic to achieve your goals.


Earn points and badges for completing online quizzes


Course content, videos, instructor led training and much more...


Add value to your professional development with Certification of Completion


Rich communication tools for personal messages, calendar and discussion forums.


An ideal environment to ask questions in real time

Take control! You have the power to change your life! Start your course now and put yourself ahead of the race!

£1500 (Tuition) + £80 ( Registration fee)

Note:  Tuition fee is exclusive of VAT

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