Collaborative Provision

AISR focuses on delivering a modern and high quality learning experience internationally as according to our vision “Striving for Academic Excellence and providing a First Class Education”.


The Academy’s view on Collaborative Provision builds on the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Chapter B10 - Managing Higher Education Provision with Others. The chapter clarifies the necessary quality assurance requirements to ensure the Academy meets its responsibilities and contractual obligations to students, external stakeholders and partner institutions. AISR is committed to developing strong collaborative institutional partnerships globally through sustainable, academic and research led partnerships. The Academy has a number of educational collaborative partners globally, including Foyle InternationalDyslexia Support and the  University of San Juan De La Cruz  under positive arrangements that further support the Academy’s goal to become an internationally recognised institution. Foyle International offers a wide range of courses such as General & Intensive English and Erasmus+ Internships to enable individuals to further their career prospects through language classes, teacher development courses and also work placement programmes. Dyslexia Support provides teacher development courses on learning difficulties and student support and advice on the range of services available to them.


Interested in becoming a collaborative partner of Academy for International Science and Research?

For enquires on Collaborative Provision please email



Interested in becoming a Lecturing and Assessment Associate?


The Academy actively recruits Lecturing and Assessment Associates throughout the year. The responsibility of the Lecturing Associate includes teaching, assessing, curriculum development and administration of subjects within the area of competence or specialism. You will be required to fulfil a teaching commitment with associated guidance and administrative duties and to ensure learners are well prepared for the future by developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills, knowledge and understanding in a high-quality learning environment.


To apply to be a Lecturing and Assessment Associate, please email your CV to

Academy for International                                                  

Science & Research Ltd                                                     

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