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Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy relates to the following programmes:

  • Cultural Visits

  • Teachers Training

  • Summer Schools


What happens if I cancel my booking?

After we have received your cancellation in writing, a cancellation fee applies which varies according to the period of notice you give. Deposits become non-refundable on the day of payment if they are paid less than 30 days before the arrival day of the programme. 

If for unforeseen circumstances the Academy cancels any of the above listed programmes, the deposit remains non-refundable due to deposits paid to various providers which are also non-refundable, but the remaining balance of the fee will be fully refunded.


There will also be no refund for Students/Teachers who withdraw voluntarily, or as the result of illness or accident, during the programme including the day of travel.


If a student/teacher falls sick and as a result withdraws from any of the programmes listed above 30 days or more from the day of travel, 20% of his/her fee becomes non-refundable as it forms part of the initial deposit paid to accommodation and to the activity providers.

If this occurs between 21 and 29 days before the day of travel, 50% of his/her fee becomes non-refundable.

21 days and anything less before of the day of travel, the full fee becomes non-refundable.

Amount Refundable
Time Frame
20% Initial Deposit


5 days after payment
Deposit if paid less than 30 days before the arrival day


From the day of payment

Student/teacher falls sick


Between 21 and 29 days
Student/teacher falls sick


30 days or more
Student/teacher falls sick


21 days and less
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