Photography - Beginners




4 weeks - 2 hours per week. 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. 

Course Summary

Learn the tools of taking a good photograph. You will learn how to use a camera, the effect of light, photographic technique and how to improve your style.

What Will I Study?

Week 1

DSLR Terminology – Camera Types \ Lens Types\Buttons

How To Hold Your Camera

The Exposure Triangle – Starting to get off auto mode...

What is Aperture (F Stops)

What is Shutter Speed

Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes

Tip for Beginners


Week 2


Understanding ISO

Composition Part 1

Auto Focus Modes \ Manual Focus

Lens Focal Lengths

Depth of Field \ Blur the background

Drive Modes


Week 3

Metering Modes

Using Manual Mode – Putting it all together

The Histogram

White Balance

Taking Sharp Images

Using a Tripod & Filters

Composition Part 2


Week 4

Lighting Types

The Camera Flash

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Photography

Portraiture Photography

Night Photography

Hint and Tip going forward

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